Slate Paving – Patio

Beautiful collection of slate paving for elegance garden and landscaping areas. All of our slate paving, patio and pavers are ethically produced. Available in many cut to sizes as according to your landscaping areas.

Size and Pack Information for Slate Paving

Size (mm) Pcs/Pack M2/Pack Single Size Available
600 Series 48 each 14.72m2 Y
560 Series 61 each 14.11m2 Y
Other Pattern 120 each 14.40m2 Y

Thickness for Slate Paving:25 -40mm and Calibrated to 22mm, 25mm , 30 mm, 40mm, 50mm

  • 600 mm Series :600x900mm- 13 pcs., 600x600mm-13 pcs., 600x290mm-13 pcs.,290x290mm-9 pcs.,
  • 560 mm Series:840x560mm- 8 pcs., 700x560mm-4 pcs., 560x560mm-10 pcs.,560x420mm-10 pcs.,560x280mm-13 pcs.,280x280mm-16 pcs.,
  • Other Pattern :600x400mm- 20 pcs., 400x400mm-40 pcs., 400x190mm-20 pcs.,190x190mm-40 pcs.,
  • Other cut to sizes & thickness are available in slate paving as per requirement.
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