Sandstone Paving Patios


Size and Pack Information for Sandstone Paving

Size (mm) Pcs/Pack M2/Pack Single Size Available
600 Series 48 each 14.72m2 Y
560 Series 61 each 14.11m2 Y
Other Pattern 120 each 14.40m2 Y

Thickness for Sandstone Paving:25 -40mm and Calibrated to 22mm, 25mm , 30 mm, 40mm, 50mm

  • 600 mm Series :600x900mm- 13 pcs., 600x600mm-13 pcs., 600x290mm-13 pcs.,290x290mm-9 pcs.,
  • 560 mm Series :840x560mm- 8 pcs., 700x560mm-4 pcs., 560x560mm-10 pcs.,560x420mm-10 pcs.,560x280mm-13 pcs.,280x280mm-16 pcs.,
  • Other Pattern :600x400mm- 20 pcs., 400x400mm-40 pcs., 400x190mm-20 pcs.,190x190mm-40 pcs.,
  • Other cut to sizes & thickness are available as per requirement.
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