Kerbstone & Edging

Kerbstone and Edging provides separation to paving edges, Pathways and Driveways. Natural stone kerbstones and edging stone give long term performance than traditional cement kerbs and edges. Due to increase in demand for roadside and pavement areas we introduced kerbstone and edging stones in many Stone like sandstone, limestone Granite and Marble colors, Sizes and finishes.

Size and Pack Information for Kerbstones

Size(mm) Pcs/Pack
1000 x 150 x 250 12
1000 x 120 x 200 20
1000 x 80 x 200 28
1000 x 200 x 300 8

custom sizes and designs also available in Kerbstones as per requirement

Size and Pack Information For Garden Edging Stones

Size(mm) Pcs/Pack
560 x 150 x 50 66

Custom sizes and finishes also available in Garden Edging Stones

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