Garden Planters & Pots

Natural Stone Garden Planters & Pots Collection.

Our collection consist of various sizes and designs for garden planters and pots. These can be used exterior as well as interior use. Sizes and shapes like square, rectangle, slanted, twisted, spherical are available and we also manufacture custom as per your design idea. These planters and pots are manufactured in small, mid and large sizes and also available in all size set. This segment of garden ornament gives your garden and landscaping area a unique and eye catching look. Natural stone mainly used for these planters and pots are Rainbow and teakwood sandstone.


Size and Pack Information For Garden Planters & Pots

Type Dimensions(mm) Pcs/Pack
H x W x L for square planters
Small 350 x 300 x 300 6
Large 450 x 400 x 400 4
H x W x L For Slanted Planters
Small 350 x 240 x 120 12
Medium 500 x 300 x 180 8
Large 650 x 400 x 240 4
Extra Large 800 x 400 x 260 4
H x W x L for Spherical Planters
237 x 300 x 300 6
355 x 400 x 400 4
535 x 600 x 600 1
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