Cobblestones Pavers and Pave setts

We manufacture and supply Cobblestone, Pavers and Pave Setts in many sizes as per required. Our collection of cobblestone and pave setts in sandstone, limestone and granite gives your garden pathway and driveway a different traditional look.

Size and Pack Information For Cobblestones

Size (mm) Pcs/Pack M2/Pack
100x100x40-60 960 each 9.60
100x100x70-90 630 each 6.30
140x140x70-90 300 each 5.88
200x140x70-90 210 each 5.88

Other sizes & thickness are available in Cobblestones and pave setts as required.


Size and Pack Information For Block Pavers & Setts

Size (mm) Pcs/Pack M2/Pack
200 x 100 x 40 600 12

Size and Pack Information For Granite Setts

Size(mm) Pcs/Pack M2/Pack
100 x 100 x 40-60 750 7.50
100 x 100 x 70-90 470 4.70


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